Tiffany Bascom

Tiffany Bascom, M.Coun. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor has worked for Psychological Assessment Specialists (PAS) since March of 2005. She received her education at Idaho State University (ISU), earning a BA of Science in Psychology, with minors in French and Music (1996-2000). She then began working at Advocacy and Learning Associates(ALA) (2000-2005) as a behavior therapist for children with emotional and behavior problems, and Autism. She continued to work at ALA while attending ISU to earn a Masters of Counseling in Marriage and Family Counseling (2001-2003). Tiffany continued to work as a behavior therapist, and also as a counselor to children at ALA until the time she started working at PAS.

Tiffany enjoys working with clients of varying ages and populations. She has experience in treating anxiety, depression, bipolar disorders, behavior problems, and interpersonal issues. Tiffany uses biofeedback to help teach relaxation and coping techniques. She uses Cognitive Behavioral Practices as well as Adlerian and behavioral theories in her practice. She sees physical health as playing a fundamental role in mental health. She also focuses on helping clients build self-esteem and change negative thinking patterns toward themselves. Tiffany puts a high priority on ethics and confidentiality to help the client feel safe and secure. She enjoys helping people become their best selves and seeing lives change.

Tiffany has four children with her husband Shawn Bascom, including three boys and one girl. Some of her personal hobbies include: gardening, music, and physical fitness.